Clevy products are specially designed for children in primary education and they are the result of extensive professional research. The products offer high quality, colourful styling and a robust design.
Our product range currently consists of the Clevy Keyboard, the Clevy Dyscover, the Clevy Keyguard and the Clevy Headphone. Clevy products are educational, durable and innovative.
Clevy Keyboard with Big Keys

Clevy Keyboard

The Clevy Keyboard is an attractively designed keyboard, designed to help teach writing and keyboard skills to young children. Its design also makes the Clevy Keyboard very suitable for keyboard users with a wide array of special needs. More details

Clevy Contrast Keyboard

The black and white Clevy Contrast Keyboard has been developed in close cooperation with various low vision experts. This keyboard provides a better contrast than the colored version, making it even more useful for the visually impaired. More details

Clevy Dyscover

The Clevy Dyscover consists of a cover and a smart piece of software, replacing the numbers and punctuation marks on the Clevy Keyboard by the most commonly used letter combinations in their respective language. More details

Clevy Keyguard

For people with temporary or permanent motor skill difficulties, the Clevy Keyguard can prove to be a valuable addition to any of the different type of Clevy Keyboards. More details

Wireless Keyboard

The wireless version of the Clevy Keyboard is part of the SimplyWorks® family, the World's first fully integrated wireless system specifically for users with motor skills difficulties. Up to six devices can be used simultaneously on one computer. More details

Clevy Kids Mouse

Clevy Kids Mouse

The two mouse buttons are clearly distinguished by giving them contrasting colors. Because this mouse is designed for younger children, the size is a tad smaller than a normal one providing them better ergonomics. More details

Clevy Hearsafe headphone

One of the main causes for hearing damage at an early age is exposure to loud noises, for instance by listening to an MP3 player at high volume. The Clevy Headphone helps prevent hearing loss and keeps your children’s ears safe. More details

Clevy Keyboard with Big Keys

Clevy Bluetooth Keyboard

The newest addition to the Clevy Keyboard family is the Bluetooth version. This allows wireless connection with PC, iMac, iPads, tablets and even phones. In some cases you need a Bluetooth receiver if your device doesn't already have Bluetooth. More details