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Clevy Dyscover

The Clevy Dyscover consists of a cover and a smart piece of software, replacing the numbers and punctuation marks on the Clevy Keyboard by the most commonly used letter combinations in their respective language. These combined and separate letters appear on screen after pressing the respective key and their sound is heard through the speakers.

The Clevy Dyscover is currently available in Italian, German, Dutch and Flemish. Please contact us for the possibilities if your language is not listed.

Read, see and hear speech sounds

fimg2The combination of “seeing sounds” see and hearing sounds, stimulates auditory processing and provides assistance in automating these sounds.

Excellent dyslexia learning aid

fimg1The Dyscover was developed to provide a learning tool for pupils dealing with dyslexia; using the combination of visualization and auditive support is highly beneficiary to their learning process.

Each sound group has its own colour

fimg2The different sound groups are easily identified and distinguished as they each have their own colour.

Compatible with all computer programs

fimg1The Dyscover can be used in every software program in which you can type. This means teachers can make their own exercises in any word processing program, but they can also use the Dyscover with e.g. Widgit symbol software or Wordshark.