5 tips for mounting your assistive keyboard in the best way

Assistive technology refers to a collection of tools and services designed to provide support to individuals with special needs. These tools are meant to either help them do things better or help them do things on their own when they might find it challenging. By using these tools, people can maintain or improve their ability to do things independently, which is good for their well-being and happiness.

Here are five tips for achieving the most flexible mounting solution for your assistive keyboard:

The Clevy Keyguard protects the keys of Clevy Keyboard

1. Prioritize User Needs 

At Clevy, we understand that individuals with limited motor skills face challenges when using keyboards. One of the most effective solutions for this is a Keyguard, which proves to be highly beneficial. It allows the user to rest their hands on the keyboard without accidentally pressing keys.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Rehadapt mount desktop Keyguard

2. Ergonomic Positioning

In many cases, achieving an ergonomic keyboard placement is essential to cater to each user’s unique requirements. This is where Rehadapt from Germany comes into play. They have designed a diverse range of mounts that can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Rehadapt mount desktop Keyguard backside

3. Customization is Key 

Small adjustments can lead to a big improvement in user comfort and accessibility. The Rehadapt mounts are incredibly adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning continually. Over time, it will feel like a perfect fit.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Rehadapt mount desktop Keyguard backside2

4. Ease of Use 

As depicted in the accompanying image, you’ll notice a backplate added to the keyboard. It attaches and detaches from the mount effortlessly.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Rehadapt mount desktop Keyguard table larger feet

5. Maintain Versatility 

By adding larger feet, it becomes possible to use the keyboard on a standard desk, ensuring that the user can switch between assistive and regular keyboard use as needed.

These tips, combined with the versatile Rehadapt mounting solutions, enable you to create an adaptable and comfortable keyboard setup tailored specifically to the user’s needs.

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