Clevy Keyboard and Keyguard – Anyone can type

Clevy Keyboard with Clevy Keyguard. Special design assistive technology product.

Our motto is to build a future where everyone can easily use IT hardware. In this fast-changing society, where the use of computers and keyboards is the norm, we are looking for solutions for people, for who easy use of a keyboard is not a given. Motor impairment When someone is suffering from motor impairment, […]

Clevy Keyboard: assistive technology or educational tool?

Clevy products are specially designed for children in primary education and they are the result of extensive professional research.

We believe in a future in which everyone can learn in a pleasant way, is involved in society, and can easily use IT hardware. So, to answer this question right away: of course Clevy Keyboard is an assistive technology product and a tool in education. Wanna know why? Education keyboard A while ago, we saw […]