Clarification Regarding Confusion with Clevly and Unauthorized Use of Our Email Address

Dear customers and visitors, 

We at Alt. Medical B.V., owners of the Clevy trademark, wish to bring to your attention a pressing issue affecting our company and our valued customers. Our brand, which specializes in developing computer accessories for children and individuals with disabilities, has inadvertently been caught up in confusion with another company named Clevly. 

Clevly, which appears to sell electronic candles, has inadvertently caused confusion among consumers by using our email address ([email protected]) without authorization in their communications to customers. This has led to an influx of customer service requests to our address that are actually intended for Clevly. We suspect that Clevly might be using a dropshipping model, though we cannot confirm this with certainty. 

This situation has not only created operational challenges for us but has also led to confusion and frustration among consumers reaching out to us with inquiries and complaints meant for Clevly. It is crucial for us to clarify that Alt. Medical B.V. and the Clevy brand are in no way associated with Clevly and the products they offer. 

Despite several attempts to address this issue directly with Clevly through emails to [email protected] and [email protected], we have yet to receive any response. Moreover, we receive several complaints daily from consumers about Clevly’s order issues, emphasizing the urgency of this matter. 

We take this situation very seriously and have taken necessary steps to protect our customers and clarify the confusion. This includes informing relevant authorities and seeking legal advice to protect our brand and the interests of our customers. 

We want to assure you, our customers and visitors, that we are doing everything possible to address and rectify this situation. Your trust and satisfaction remain our top priority. 

Given the significant number of complaints regarding Clevly and their unauthorized use of our email address, we have sought advice from Belgian authorities. They recommend that customers of Clevly report these issues at: 


For any inquiries regarding your order, please directly contact Clevly. Their email addresses are [email protected] or [email protected]. Unfortunately, they have not responded to our communications. 

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] 

Thank you for your understanding and support. 


Bertran van den Hoff   

Operations Lead   

Alt. Medical B.V.   

Wasaweg 3A   

9723 JD Groningen, The Netherlands 

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