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The Clevy Dyscover is a special cover for the Clevy Keyboard. Placing the Dyscover over the Clevy keyboard and installing the Dyscover software creates an educational practice tool for children learning to read and write.


Among other things, the Clevy Dyscover replaces the number keys with sound keys such as ‘eu’, ‘ei’, ‘aai’, ‘ieuw’ and ‘oor’. The letters that make up the sound appear on the screen after the key is pressed, and the sound comes through the speakers. The combination of seeing sounds and hearing sounds stimulates auditory processing and provides help with automation.

Possibilities with Dyscover

When you start the software, the icon of the “Dyscover” appears in the bottom right of the screen:  The program is now activated and the Dyscover can be used.


If you right-click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen, you will see the menu of the Dyscover software. In the menu of the Dyscover software you can change various settings. Each time you enable or disable functionalities of the Dyscover, the color of the icon changes. You can now see exactly which functions are enabled or disabled. All possible icons with their meaning are described below.

Here the following settings are possible:

  1. Keyboard Status: indicates whether a Clevy Keyboard has been found in the system. If you have the full version of Clevy Dyscover, the Dyscover software only works if you have a Clevy Keyboard connected. The menu shows whether a Clevy Keyboard has been detected or not.
  2. Method: Here you can choose the method you want to use.
    • Clevy Dyscover belongs to the Dyscover cover and method.
    • With Clevy Keyboard, you can use the software with the Clevy Keyboard without a cover. In this case, the numbers and letters are still spoken.
    • KWeC also has its own method, color scheme and cover. Select for this: KWeC-over.
  3. Software Active: can be unchecked to pause the software without closing it. If software is not active, the Dyscover icon in the taskbar turns red:
  4. Automatic startup: you can check if you want the software to be active after Windows starts or restarts.
  5. Letters: Letters, numbers and sounds will immediately be pronounced each keystroke.
  6. Words: The Text-to-Speech voice will read out loud each word that is typed after pressing the spacebar.
  7. Sentences: The Text-to-Speech voice will read out loud full sentences after typing a period, exclamation point, question mark, or the Enter key after the sentence.
  8. Selection: Select a text area with your mouse and press the speaker key on the Dyscover cover
  9. Volume: adjusts the volume of the voice.
  10. Speed: adjusts the speed of the voice.


The Text-to-Speech function works in all software of Microsoft Windows where you can enter text. Please note that the software won’t work optimally if have typos and other errors in your text.


With the Esc-key you can stop the Text-to-Speech from reading the text out loud.

Extra possibilities

Some Dutch sounds can be pronounced in different ways. An example is the sound “c” in the word “clown” and the sound “c” in the Dutch word “citroen”. Using the special Clevy key found at the bottom left of the keyboard:you can listen to the different pronunciations that some sounds have. For example, if you hold down the Clevy key and press the -C- key, you will hear the C pronounced K. If you press the C key without pressing the Clevy key, you will hear the C pronounced S.

All keys with multiple sounds:

Tutorial exercises

To test out the capabilities of the Clevy Dyscover, we have created a free, mini-tutorial. Click on the button below to view the page.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Clevy Dyscover, please see visit our Clevy Dyscover page or contact Alt at [email protected] or 050 850 69 60.

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