Clevy Keyboard & Keyguard Accessibility Testimonial: Insights from Jo Boonstra

The Clevy team had the pleasure of meeting Jo Boonstra, a retired man who is passionate about photography and eager to keep up with his computer skills. Jo, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathy, experiences more difficulty using his fingers than others, due to constant pain and the feeling of losing control. This motivated Jo to test our Clevy (Contrast) Keyboard, along with the Clevy Keyguard, because he has had fewer positive experiences with standard keyboards that are not designed for people with physical and/or motor limitations. 

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Keyguard Older Man hands computer

“Using a standard keyboard often leads to frustration because the keys are too close together, so I often press two keys at once or produce words like ‘gloruios tupi‘ (glorious typo),” Jo notes. 

Clevy Keyboard


After testing the Clevy Keyboard, Jo shared his findings with us, “Typing is already much better with the Clevy Keyboard. The size of the keys offers a big advantage in reducing typing errors. Also, the color layout, which allows vowels and consonants to be found quickly and clearly, makes typing with the Clevy Keyboard more pleasant with fewer typos.”

Clevy Contrast Keyboard

Jo tested both the Clevy Keyboard and the Clevy Contrast Keyboard and noted, “The Clevy Contrast Keyboard offers the same functionality as the Clevy Keyboard, but the keys are more visible for people with reduced vision in addition to other limitations.”

Clevy Keyguard

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Keyguard Older Man hands zoom in typing side view

Although the Clevy Keyboard on itself was successful for Jo, he stressed that he still made mistakes because of his physical disability. With the addition of the Clevy Keyguard, however, it was a different story: “The support provided by the Clevy Keyguard feels good. You can lean on the keyboard without pressing other keys with your palm. Just like getting used to a different keyboard, the Clevy Keyguard takes some getting used to. But within a brief time, you find that you quickly get used to the elevation and if you make typos now, it is more likely to be caused by wanting to type too fast and not paying attention. The Keyguard could have been a little thinner, but that is a personal preference, and you get used to it quickly. To ensure more typing efficiency with even less typos, the Keyguard is the solution for people with reduced hand and/or finger control.”

Missing Function Keys

One aspect that hindered Jo was the missing function keys from the Clevy Keyboard and the Clevy Contrast Keyboard: “The lack of the F keys took some getting used to. I understood that they can still be entered by combining the ‘F’ key with a number. It is a bit of a hinderance, but you can get used to it. For most users this probably won’t be a problem, but I regularly use computer programs where I need them.”


In conclusion, “The Clevy Keyboard is a pleasant keyboard for people with hand/motor impairments, as well as those who prefer larger keys. It is uncluttered, easy to use and limits the number of incorrect keystrokes. With the addition of the Clevy Keyguard, errors are further reduced. For people with visual impairments and those who prefer a less colorful keyboard, the Clevy Contrast Keyboard is a great option, especially in low light conditions.”

Clevy Contrast Keyboard Keyguard Older Man looking while using keyboard

Video interview

Watch our youtube video to view the full interview we had with Jo Boonstra! Video is in Dutch, but English subtitles are included.

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