Protect Clevy Keyboard against shaking hands with Clevy Keyguard

With a motor disability, shaking hands or visual impairment, using a keyboard can be very hard or even an obstacle. At Clevy, we think it is important to make IT accessible for everyone, and that computers can be used without obstacles.

We thought out a lot of options for this manner and made a few test products. We tested all of the products and let them try by people with a motor impairment. Finally, we made a final product, our Clevy Keyguard.

Clevy Keyguard

The Clevy Keyguard is a specialized casing that can be placed over the Clevy Keyboard. It features openings aligned with the keys of this keyboard, allowing users to input commands by guiding their fingers or a pointer through these designated areas. The keyguard serves as a physical barrier that helps users with fine motor control difficulties to target specific keys accurately, reducing unintentional errors. Besides it allows users to rest their hands on the Clevy Keyboard, without pressing all the keys accidentally.

Clevy Keyguard has 19 little feet, to rest on the casing of the keyboard

19 little feet

Clevy Keyguard has 19 little feet. With these feet, the Clevy Keyguard rests on the casing of the Clevy Keyboard. The casing gives someone the opportunity to rest their hands on the keyboard, which can be very useful when someone suffers from a motor impairment.

Mattified keyguard for Clevy Keyboards

Mattified keyguard

Clevy Keyguard is a transparent casing. For Clevy Keyguard we applied a mattified coat, so the transparent casing doesn’t reflect in your eyes.

One keyguard for all

The Clevy Keyguard can be used with all of our Clevy Keyboards. It fits the Clevy Keyboard (the colourful one) and Clevy Contrast Keyboard (the white and black color scheme). This Keyguard fits for USB, Bleutooth and Simply works RF connections. 

Clevy Keyguard One Size Fits All


In conclusion, a simple product with a major outcome, and one step closer to accessibility for people with a dissability.  

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