Clevy Keyboard: assistive technology or educational tool?

We believe in a future in which everyone can learn in a pleasant way, is involved in society, and can easily use IT hardware. So, to answer this question right away: of course Clevy Keyboard is an assistive technology product and a tool in education. Wanna know why?

Clevy Keyboard Child Girl Typing Wearing Hearsafe

Education keyboard

A while ago, we saw a shift in education with the rise of technology in the classroom. Suddenly everyone had to learn how to deal with ‘scary’ computers, including keyboards with a lot of small keys that can be complicated and intimidating for kids. In 2006, the first Clevy Keyboards were made, to introduce children to a keyboard in education. This resulted in a large-keys keyboard, a colorful design that is appealing to kids. The big keys on this keyboard are easy to hit and have a font that is recognizable because we used the font of traditional handwriting in education. 

Clevy Keyboard with the Clevy Keyguard

Assistive Technology Keyboard

After some time on the educational market, we found out that the Clevy keyboard is very helpful for people with disabilities or people with special needs. This made us very proud, and from that moment we started to look into more possibilities to make Clevy Keyboard more suitable for people who have certain special needs.


The special needs keyboard


When someone has motoring impairments, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, low vision, or something else that holds them back from regular education a standard keyboard can be very difficult to use.
To complement the Clevy Keyboard we developed the Clevy Keyguard. It allows the user to rest their hands on the keyboard without unnecessarily pressing the keys. Curious about how Clevy Keyguard works? Read more about the Keyguard. With a special switch on the back of the Clevy keyboard, it is possible to switch from key repeat off to function keys tool on. This special switch is very useful when someone suffers from motoring impairments or cerebral palsy. To explain how this special switch and the Keyguard work, you can watch the video below. 

Clevy Keyboard started as an educational tool and now we believe Clevy Keyboard is there for people with certain special needs too. This is a short description of the Clevy keyboard for education and assistive technology. Would you like to know more about these products? Then you can always contact us. For more details about the Clevy Keyboard, please visit the product page.

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