Review on SightCity, largest international trade fair for aids for the blind and visually impaired people

The men on the step. Did you spot him? Alt and Clevy attended SightCity 2023, the largest international trade fair for aids for the blind and visually impaired people in Frankfurt. We took our step and drove from the north of Holland to Frankfurt for an interesting conference. This visit was important to us as we have been developing products for motor impairments and wanted to extend our product range to include those with visual impairments as well. 

men on the step with Clearkeys from alt, on his way to SightCity

Innovative products for low vision

As a result, we have already developed innovative products such as Alt ClearKeys and Clevy Contrast Keyboard to help low-vision people use computers with ease. However, visiting SightCity 2023 provided us with an opportunity to learn more about the needs of people with low vision, as well as identify areas where our products can be improved. We were able to see new developments in the field and interact with the actual target audience, which was very helpful in gaining insights.

During the event, we had the chance to explain our new ClearKeys product to our resellers and partners. Many visitors were also interested and wanted to know more about the keyboard. It was great to receive positive feedback from those who had used the product and to hear how it has helped them use their computers with ease. Furthermore, we were able to meet experts who gave us valuable input about our Belgian ClearKeys. 


At the SightCity conference, we saw a lot of solutions for:


  • Large print tools 
  • Specific designs for seniors
  • Solutions for people with low-vision or visual impairment
  • And even for people with cataracts or glaucoma

Extra Clear keyboards, there is not only one solution

It was evident that different low-vision users have different preferences when it comes to keyboards. Some preferred our Alt ClearKeys keyboard, while others preferred the Clevy Contrast Keyboard or the standard multicolor Clevy Keyboard. This has helped us understand that there is no such thing as the perfect keyboard for all low-vision types, but it is good to see that they all liked one of our products.

Clevy Contrast Keyboard, a white and black color scheme keyboard for low vision or visual impairment.

Alt and Clevy partners

In addition to meeting our current resellers, we also had the opportunity to meet potential partners from various countries such as Panama, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, and France. This was a great way for us to expand our reach and help even more low-vision people.


See you next year!

Overall, our experience at SightCity 2023 has motivated us to focus even more on helping out low-vision people, and we’re excited to attend SightCity 2024.

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