Introducing our reseller KeyguardAT: custom keyguards for every special need

In the realm of assistive technology, keyguards play a crucial role in enhancing user experience for individuals facing visual impairments or motor skill challenges. But what exactly is a keyguard?

What is a Keyguard?​

A keyguard is a specialized accessory designed to fit over keyboards, enhancing the user’s ability to accurately press individual keys. This tool is particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments or motor skill challenges, such as tremors, enabling them to interact more effectively with keyboards, tablets, and iPads. Each keyguard has precisely aligned openings corresponding to keys or app functions, ensuring precise touch inputs.

Custom keyguards

KeyguardAT is a company that produces keyguards for various devices including keyboards, laptops, and tablets. They also offer custom keyguards tailored to individual needs and user configurations. This customization can include blocking certain keys that a user might not require, allowing them to concentrate on the keys they use most.


In terms of materials, KeyguardAT primarily utilizes an acrylic styrene mix known for its durable, non-glare finish, which is resistant to breakage. Additionally, they are exploring innovative methods like 3D printing and CNC lathing for superior finishing of their products.

Lifetime warranty

KeyguardAT stands out for its commitment to quality, offering a lifetime warranty on their keyguards. They are recognized as a leading provider in this field, and anyone in need of a keyguard is encouraged to explore their offerings.


KeyguardAT is a really cool company and if you ever need a Keyguard then you should definitely check them out!

ATIA 2024

This week we are co-exhibiting with them at ATIA 2024 Orlando, booth 512. Visit us if you have any questions. 

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