Low vision

The Clevy Contrast Keyboard is specifically designed for people who are partially sighted and who prefer a high contrast keyboard. 

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High Contrast

The Clevy Contrast Keyboard offers a very high contrast and an extra clear font.The individual keys are easier to differentiate because of their unique inverted printing.

Large Keys

The keys of the Clevy Keyboard are 30% bigger and the characters on them even up to 4 times bigger than those on an average keyboard, making them simpler to find and easier to hit.


The keyboard’s housing is designed to guide possible spilled fluids straight through the keyboard, keeping these liquids away from the internal electronics.

Reference points

The color scheme of the Clevy Contrast Keyboard clearly distincts the letter area from the other keys. Automatically, this also creates reference points making it easier for the user to identify the keys.

Function Keys Tool

The use of the function keys can easily be enabled by an on-board switch. When the switch is set to Function Keys Tool, function keys can be activated by simply pressing the letter “f” and the respective number (eg. f+1=F1).

Solid construction

Clevy keyboards have internal steel frames and each individual key is mounted onto a high-quality, mechanical switch capable of handling well over 50 million keystrokes. Most keyboards on the market use membrane-type internal switches, which are far less durable and consistent.

Optional keyguard

The separately available rigid keyguard enables users with motor skill difficulties to let their hands rest on the keyboard without unwantedly hitting any keys.