Our inclusivity journey towards empowering everyone in the technological era

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of the digital world, was a brand named Clevy. With a vision of inclusivity at its heart and an experienced team of five, Clevy saw an opportunity to make a change in the world. For many, technology was a tool, a leisure, or even a career. But for others, it was a challenge. A challenge not because of a lack of will or intelligence, but because the world of technology had not been designed with everyone in mind.

Equal access

That was when Clevy decided to embark on a journey. A journey to make technology inclusive, accessible, and beneficial to everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We focus our efforts on assistive and educational technology, understanding that everyone should have equal access to the digital world and its countless possibilities.

Keyboard for special needs

Clevy’s first solution came in the form of a mechanical keyboard. It was not just any keyboard, but a keyboard designed with care and understanding of those who would use it. The keyboard was built for children and people with special needs, aiming to provide an equal footing in the digital world for everyone.

Clevy Dyscover Boy Pressing Keys

Special solutions

But the keyboard was just the beginning. Clevy understood that inclusivity did not stop at one product or one solution. True inclusivity was about constant innovation, about understanding the ever-evolving needs of people with special needs and responding with compassion and creativity. Thus, we, the Clevy team began developing a range of products, including the Clevy Contrast Keyboard, Clevy Cover, Clevy Keyguard, Clevy Dyscover, Clevy Kids Mouse, and Clevy Hearsafe. Each product, an echo of their vision: technology is there to aid everyone, not to intimidate.

Clevy assistive technology, boy in wheelchair


Clevy’s vision of inclusivity also echoed in their approach to the market and the community. We believe in collaboration and the power of collective ideas. We listen to the market, engaged with individuals with special needs, and remained open to discussions about product development. Our commitment to inclusivity extended beyond the products we create. It defines who we are as a team and as a brand.

Clevy & inclusivity

Every day, Clevy strives to create a world where everyone feels included, where everyone could experience the power of technology, and where no one is left behind. For Clevy, inclusivity is not just about making products, it is about making a difference. We are not just a brand; We are beacon of hope and empowerment for those who need it the most.


And so, Clevy continues its journey, always seeking ways to enhance the quality of life through technology, ever dedicated to its mission of inclusivity and accessibility. Our story is a reminder that in a world intertwined with technology, it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, feels included and empowered.

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