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ABC Maestro educational software

Improve the learning process with educational software. The ABC Maestro has been designed to offer faster learning through play and includes a variety of letter, word, spelling, and number learning games that perfectly accompanies the Clevy Keyboard.

Educational software

The ABC Maestro, an educational software, offers a fun learning experience through interactive play. It has a diverse range of games focused on letters, words, spelling, and numbers, all thoughtfully designed to complement the Clevy Keyboard.

Improve learning

The exercises of the ABC maestro software include clear, visually adapted pictures and speech, and a constructive feedback feature, providing an essential part of the learning process.

Special educational needs

The specially designed ABC Maestro software is useful for young kids and for students with special educational needs. This software helps to learn how to write, type, and read, and this software is an excellent solution for those with attention and concentration problems, fine motor skills, ocular coordination, visual perception problems, reduced cognitive abilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and often with a combination of these difficulties.

Individualized settings

The ABC Maestro software features a broad range of individualized settings that can be fully customized for each user depending on their (special) needs, this software is providing a learning resource that will enable users to practice and develop their type and write skills over time.

Compatible with both macOS and Windows

The latest version of ABC Maestro caters to both PC and Mac users, expanding accessibility for users of the Clevy Keyboard. If you have any inquiries about software installation on your computer or a different general question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • ABC Maestro PC Screen Example Exercise
  • ABC Maestro PC Screen Example Exercise

ABC Maestro

A fun software that is perfectly compatible with the Clevy Keyboard to help children learn reading and typing. Keyboard not included. Suited for both Mac and Windows.

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