A unique tool for children with dyslexia

Clevy Dyscover Adult Man Teaching Two Kids Dyslexia Software

A specialized cover with a software tool

When someone suffers from dyslexia, reading, writing, and typing could be an issue. Using a keyboard could be an obstacle. At Clevy we like to find solutions for these kinds of obstacles, and we developed an add-on for the Clevy Keyboards with software to support people with dyslexia.

Dyslexia tool

The Clevy Dyscover is a special cover designed for the Clevy Keyboard. It is intended to assist people of all ages in learning to read and write, as well as those with dyslexia. By placing the Clevy Dyscover over the Clevy (Contrast) Keyboard and installing the Clevy Dyscover software, an educational practice or assistive tool is created. It offers various exercises with different sounds.

Matching software

The specialized cover has matching software that is required to use it properly. This software changes the keys to match the characters of the Clevy Cover. The software is a unique tool as it can be used with all text converters, for example, Word and any web browser on your pc. 

dyscover - dyslexia key
dyscover - dyslexia key

Type with sound ​

The Clevy Dyscover sound feature involves pressing the number keys corresponding to sounds such as “eu,” “ei,” “aai,” “ew,” and “ear.” When the button on the screen is pressed, the letters associated with the sound are reproduced, and the sound is played through the speakers. This combination of visual and auditory input enhances auditory processing and aids in sound automatization.

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Older version of the Clevy Dyscover

The older version of the Clevy Dyscover (version 2) includes a CD to install the software. If you have this version of the software and you want to activate the software, go to our registration form:

  • Clevy Dyscover Dutch version with box
  • Clevy Dyscover Dutch version with box

Clevy Dyscover

A specialized software tool designed for children with dyslexia, including a specialized silicone cover.

Table Header
Product type:
Keyboard add-on, Software
Suitable for:
Only Clevy Keyboards
Multicolor, Transparent
OS compatibility:
2 Years
Technical specifications
Length product:
18.70 in (47,5 cm)
Width product:
70.08 in (17.8 cm)
Depth product:
1.14 in (2,9 cm)
Weight product:
0 lb 3.5 oz (100 gr)
Licence code, Software download instructions
Table Header Table Header Table Header

Clevy Dyscover 2 - Manual

Clevy Dyscover 4 - Manual

Clevy Dyscover - Tutorial exercises

Clevy Dyscover 2 - Registration form

The Clevy Dyscover works on Windows. We are working on a version that is compatible for iOS and macOS, which we will announce once it is done. 

Currently we only have the Dutch version and the Belgian (Flemish) version. We are working on other languages, which soon we will post more about. 

Yes, once you’ve ordered the Clevy Dyscover, we’ll send the special cover and a license code that includes the full download and installation instructions. For more information, please read our online manual.

The cover is specially made for the Clevy Keyboard. 

Due to the migration to a new website, some of our older links were lost and couldn’t be transferred to the new platform. This is the case for the registration links of the older version of Clevy Dyscover 2. We have created a new registration form for you to fill out, where you can omit your contact details, and we will send you an activation code!


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