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The mechanical keyboard for every classroom

Our goal is to help children use the computer and learn to type and read. The Clevy Keyboard is a strong, durable keyboard that looks appealing by the colors which makes it fun and less intimidating to use for kids.

Key & Character Size

The keys on this keyboard are 30% bigger and the characters on them are even up to 4 times as big as those on an average keyboard.

Recognizable Fonts

The Clevy Keyboard’s fonts on each of our colored layouts are similar to the fonts used in their respective educational systems.

Clear layout

The keys of the Clevy Keyboard are arranged vertically to improve the positioning of the hands of a kid and to make the appearance less cluttered. Unnecessary and distracting keys are left out.

Solid construction

The Clevy Keyboards have internal steel frames and each individual key is mounted onto a high-quality, mechanical switch capable of handling well over 60 million keystrokes. Most keyboards on the market use membrane-type internal switches, which are far less durable and consistent.



The Clevy Keyboards housing is designed to guide possible spilled fluids straight through the keyboard, keeping these liquids away from the internal electronics.

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  • Clevy Keyboard 2SC Uppercase & Lowercase Norwegian side view
  • Clevy Keyboard 2SC Uppercase Norwegian top view
  • Clevy Keyboard 2 Uppercase packaging
  • Clevy Keyboard 2SC Uppercase & Lowercase Norwegian side view
  • Clevy Keyboard 2SC Uppercase Norwegian top view
  • Clevy Keyboard 2 Uppercase packaging

Clevy Keyboard – USB Uppercase & Lowercase – Norwegian

Mechanical keyboard for children and other people in education, with and without special needs. The layout is Norwegian qwerty, with a lowercase and uppercase font with a USB connection.

Language: Norwegian
Connection: USB
Font: Uppercase & Lowercase
Table Header
Product type:
Mechanical Keyboard
Uppercase & Lowercase
OS compatibility:
iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Connectivity requirement:
2 Years
Technical specifications
Length product:
18.70 in (47,5 cm)
Width product:
70.08 in (17.8 cm)
Depth product:
1.14 in (2,9 cm)
Weight product:
3 lb 1.4 oz (1,4 kg)
Length packaging:
19.45 in (49.4 cm)
Width packaging:
8.94 in (22,7 mm)
Depth packaging:
1.85 in (4,7 cm)
Weight packaging:
3 lb 8.4 oz (1.6 kg)
Amount keys:
LED indicator lights:
Table Header Table Header Table Header

Clevy Keyboard - User Manual 2023 [ENG]

828 kb

Clevy Keyboard - SimplyWorks Pairing Guide [ENG]

889 kb

Clevy Bluetooth Keyboard - pairing solution Windows 10 [ENG]

248 kb

Clevy is being sold in over 30 webstores spread world wide. Check out our ‘Where to Buy’ page to see if one of the stores ships to your country.  

The Clevy Keyboard is available with: USB, Bluetooth, SimplyWorks RF Connectivity.

Yes. Clevy Keyboard can be connected to any computer. 

The Clevy Keyboard with USB connection does not need batteries. The Clevy Keyboard Bluetooth and SimplyWorks RF Connectivity do need batteries, 2x AA batteries to be specific. Batteries are not included in the order. 

1. Go to the Bluetooth® preferences of your computer and search for devices.


2. Briefly press the button on the rear side of the keyboard with a pen or any other pointy object. The device “Clevy Bluetooth Keyboard” should appear on your device.

3. Activate it and start using it after following the steps suggested by your operating system.

Our wireless keyboards are powered through 2x AA batteries and are therefore not rechargeable.

We only have this multicolor version with carefully picked primary colors and the Clevy Contrast, which is black and white. 

We are working on new layouts a lot of the time and are always open for suggestions. Make sure to follow us on our socials to get the latest update on this!

We have a troubleshooter for this issue. Go to the ‘Manual (download)’ tab to view our step-by-step roadmap. If the problem is not solved yet, please contact us.

Yes. It is possible to connect Clevy Keyboard Bluetooth with an iPad. 

The keys and character size of Clevy Keyboard are bigger than on a regular keyboard, and the keys are arranged vertically instead of cluttered. Clevy Keyboard is spill proof and contains smart color coding. On the back of Clevy Keyboard you’ll find the key repeat on/off switch. Key repeat can be switched off with this switch, causing a letter to appear on the screen only once no matter how long a key is pressed.   

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