A guiding and protective add-on for the Clevy Keyboard

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The Keyguard for Clevy Keyboards

Our goal is for anyone to type with ease, comfort, and without irritation. That is why we developed an add-on for the Clevy Keyboards, the Clevy Keyguard. The Clevy Keyguard is designed to fit perfectly over Clevy Keyboards and allows someone to rest their hands on the keyboard without pressing all the keys accidentally.

Clevy Keyboards

Clevy Keyboard is a strong and durable keyboard for people with certain special needs. Paired with some of our accessories, this keyboard can withstand a lot and help out a lot of people with special needs. 

Clevy Keyguards are specially designed for Clevy (Contrast) Keyboards. 

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Assistive technology

This Clevy Keyguard is specially developed for people with temporary or permanent motor skill difficulties, the Clevy Keyguard can prove to be a valuable addition to any of the different types of the Clevy Keyboards.

Rest & guides

The Clevy Keyguard enables users with motor skill difficulties or motor impairment to let their hands rest on the keyboard without accidentally pressing any keys and guides the user’s fingers toward the right keys.

Mattefied keyguard

The surface of the Clevy Keyguard has been matted to make its appearance calmer to the eyes and prevent reflecting light from causing any flickering. Which is also useful for people with visual impairment. 

One keyguard for all

The Clevy Keyguard fits all current models of the Clevy Keyboard, so you can use the same keyguard for the colored, contrast, and wireless models.

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Clevy Keyguard

A protective add-on for over your keyboard that helps the keyboard user rest their hands on the Clevy Keyboard.

Table Header
Product type:
Keyboard add-on
Suitable for:
Only Clevy Keyboards
2 Years
Technical specifications
Length product:
18.90 in (48 cm)
Width product:
70.08 in (17.8 cm)
Depth product:
1.69 in (4,3 cm)
Weight product:
0 lb 12 oz (350 gr)
Length packaging:
20.47 in (52 cm)
Width packaging:
7.68 in (19,5 cm)
Depth packaging:
1.85 in (4,7 cm)
Weight packaging:
1 lb 1.6 oz (500 gr)

Clevy Keyguard can be used with Clevy Keyboard and Clevy Contrast Keyboard.

The Clevy Keyguard is made from ABS plastic.

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Check out the keyboards for the Clevy Keyguard

The Clevy Keyguard is an add-on for Clevy Keyboards. The Clevy Keyguard can be paired with our other accessories to complete the package. These products are to be purchased separately.

Clevy Keyboard

Clevy Contrast Keyboard

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