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Why use a Clevy Kids Mouse?

The first computers of kids today are touchscreens, so when using a mouse for the first time it can be challenging. That’s why we color-coded the Clevy Kids Mouse, clearly indicating left and right click. Now you can simply say: “click the blue button” to make learning much easier!

Kids mouse

The Clevy Kids Mouse is a computer mouse specifically designed for children in primary school and can be used as an educational tool.

It makes teaching them how to handle a mouse so much easier.  

Colorful Design

The three mouse buttons have high contrasting and saturated colors.

The playful design makes using a computer mouse  fun for children to work with.

It also helps children distinguish between the different buttons on the mouse: the right button is red; the left button is blue, and the scroll wheel is green.


Ergonomic Mouse

The Clevy Kids Mouse has been designed for children between 2 and 10 years of age, it’s size is a tad smaller than that of a normal one.

The dimensions of the Clevy Kids mouse are 100x55x35mm.

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  • Clevy Kids Mouse
  • Clevy Kids Mouse top view blue red green
  • Clevy Kids Mouse right side blue red green
  • Clevy Kids Mouse profile view blue red green
  • Clevy Kids Mouse With Packaging
  • Clevy Kids Mouse
  • Clevy Kids Mouse top view blue red green
  • Clevy Kids Mouse right side blue red green
  • Clevy Kids Mouse profile view blue red green
  • Clevy Kids Mouse With Packaging

Clevy Kids Mouse

Kids today grow up with touchscreens, so when they use a mouse for the first it’s often a challenge. The Clevy Kids Mouse makes it easier to learn by color-coding the left and right button, blue and red. So you can simply say: “press the blue button”.

Hear from our customers

Table Header
Product type:
Left- or right-handed:
Left- and right-handed
Type sensor:
Optical sensor
1200 dpi
Amount buttons:
3 buttons
OS compatibility:
iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows
Connectivity requirement:
2 Years
Technical specifications
Length product:
0.40 in (101 mm)
Width product:
0.22 in (54 mm)
Depth product:
0.14 in (35 mm)
Weight product:
0 lb 2.8 oz (80 gr)
Length packaging:
0.73 in (186 mm)
Width packaging:
0.50 in (128 mm)
Depth packaging:
0.22 in (52 mm)
Weight packaging:
0 lb 5.0 oz (141 gr)
Cable length:
53.15 in (135 cm)
Table Header Table Header Table Header

Clevy Kids Mouse - Left Handed Instructions [ENG]

236 kb

Size of Clevy Kids Mouse: 101 x 54 x 35 mm ( 3.976 x 2.126 x 1.378 inches)

Clevy Kids Mouse has a USB-connection. The cord of Clevy Kids Mouse is: 135 cm (53.15 inches)

We currently only have a USB-version, but we are working on a bluetooth version and experimenting with other versions of the mouse that might come in the future. Follow our socials to get updates!   

Check out our instructions in the ‘Manual (download)’ tab to view a step-by-step plan to change the setting of your computer. If this still isn’t working, feel free to contact us. 

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