Clevy Dyscover

More assistance for the future generation

The Clevy Dyscover is a special cover for the Clevy Keyboard. Placing the Clevy Dyscover over the Clevy Keyboard and installing the Dyscover software creates an educational practice tool for children learning to read and write and for children with dyslexia.

Great practice with different sounds

The Clevy Dyscover sound includes pressing the number keys such as “eu”, “ei”, “aai”, “ew” and “ear”. The letters of the sound are reproduced after pressing the button on the screen and the sound comes through the speakers. The combination of seeing sounds and sounds enhances auditory processing and helps to automate sounds.

Easy to clean

The cover is easy to clean with sanitizing wipes, without removing the cover from your keyboard. This will keep your keyboard clean and more sanitary to use.

Clevy Dyscover Software

To practice with phonetic typing, Clevy Dyscover also includes a software that is easy to install and use. The software can be installed on multiple computers with no limit and this software includes a text-to-speech feature that works on any text.

If you would wish to read the manual of this software, click on this button for the free manual!