Speech Therapist’s Insights: Clevy Dyscover for children with dyslexia

Martine Schmit Jongbloed-ter Pelkwijk is a speech and language therapist who specializes in dyslexia. She has works closely with various children and adults with dyslexia, offering tailored support, advice and guidance for reading and spelling challenges. In her quest to find effective methods for her patients, she discovered the Clevy Dyscover, designed specifically for children with dyslexia, at an educational fair in Utrecht. We reached out to Martine to gain insights into her experience with our product, and she graciously shared her expertise.

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Martine's insights

1. How does the Clevy Dyscover meets the unique needs of the child or children who have dyslexia?

I use the Clevy Dyscover in my practice to support sound-sign linkage problems in children with severe dyslexia at care level 4. The keyboard helps and supports with distinguishing the long and short vowels and the sound groups aai-ooi-oei, eeuw-ieuw-uw. The nice thing is that the colors of the cover are the same colors as Taal in Blokjes used in my practice. I have also used the keyboard in my speech therapy practice for Foreshortening and articulation training“, Martine says.  

2. How is the Clevy Dyscover integrated into your classroom activities or teaching methods?

“The ‘Taal in Blokjes’ method is paired with the Clevy Dyscover as well as Communicate in Print by Eelke Verschuur.”   

3. Any noticeable improvements in the child's learning, engagement or other areas since using the Clevy Dyscover?

I notice in practice that the children really like the fact that they can hear and see what they are typing which supports the learning process. It gives them another boost to work on spelling“, Martine says.

4. Any specific student feedback or observations on your part regarding the functionality and user experience of the Clevy Dyscover?

Martine explains: “The Clevy Dyscover can only be used for a short time in my practice for children with severe dyslexia. Perhaps if the keys are normal in size my target group can use it longer. 


In summary, the Clevy Keyboard, combined with the Clevy Dyscover, serves as an excellent tool for speech therapy, offering auditory feedback that enhances motivation during exercises. This interactive approach alleviates the challenges often associated with traditional methods. While the Clevy Dyscover is typically used for short-term interventions, it has proven to be effective, particularly for children with severe dyslexia.

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