The Clevy Dyscover transforms typing for people with dyslexia

When you suffer from dyslexia, typing can be a real challenge. Using a keyboard could be an obstacle. At Clevy we like to find solutions for these kinds of obstacles, and we developed an add-on for the Clevy Keyboards with software to support people with dyslexia. A unique software tool that has been thoughtfully designed and developed to assist those who face challenges with reading, writing, and typing due to dyslexia.

The Clevy Dyscover

The Clevy Dyscover is not just a software; it’s a specialized cover for the Clevy Keyboard. When this cover is paired with the Clevy Dyscover software, an exceptional educational practice and assistive tool is born, capable of offering various exercises with different sounds. It is intended to assist individuals of all ages, specifically those with dyslexia, in learning to read and write.


type with sounds, helps people with dyslexia

Typing with sounds

One of the most notable features of the Clevy Dyscover is the ability to type with sounds. This innovative feature transforms the way individuals perceive typing, particularly those with dyslexia.


The Clevy Dyscover’s sound feature involves pressing number keys, each associated with a distinct sound such as “eu,” “ei,” “aai,” “ew,” and “ear.” Upon pressing the corresponding key, the software reproduces the letters associated with the sound, simultaneously playing the sound through the speakers.


This fusion of visual and auditory input significantly enhances auditory processing and aids in the automatization of sounds, making the typing process less strenuous and more intuitive for those with dyslexia.

type with sounds, hear Clevy dyscover

Tool for dyslexia

Clevy Dyscover is currently available for purchase in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are always eager to bring our products to more regions, so please reach out if you’re interested in Clevy Dyscover but are outside these areas.

Future developments

At Clevy, we believe in continuous improvement and expansion. The current Clevy Dyscover is a testament to this ethos, and our future plans aim to amplify this commitment. In response to user demand, we are considering adding more languages to the Clevy Dyscover software. Will you let us know if you are interested in Clevy Dyscover is your language? Email us! And stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Learn more about the Clevy Dyscover

For a deeper understanding of the Clevy Dyscover and to see it in action, we encourage you to watch our instructional video on YouTube. It offers an in-depth guide on how to use the Clevy Dyscover software and the unique typing with sound feature.


Innovation forms the bedrock of Clevy’s mission. The Clevy Dyscover, with its revolutionary “type with sounds” feature, is a testament to this commitment. This software and cover combo is not just a tool but a steppingstone towards a world where dyslexia is not a barrier to efficient typing.


Stay tuned for more updates, and until then, happy typing with Clevy Dyscover!

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