The story of Clevy’s special solutions

As we navigated the dynamic landscape of our modern world, where the ability to pivot and embrace new ideas is king, our company decided to take a leap. It wasn’t just about designing something new or making our products do more; it is about shaping something extraordinary. It is about crafting solutions that not just meet the needs but also touch the lives and transform the businesses of our clients.

The 'special solutions' team

We understood that our strength was not just within the walls of our offices or the lines of code in our systems; it lay in the minds of our team members, diverse, creative, and boundless. It lay in the magic that emerged when these brilliant minds came together to solve problems, share ideas, and innovate. We took inspiration from a simple belief – unity in special solutions can lead to victories shared and celebrated by all of us.

For special needs

Before a complete product is created that can support people with special needs, we do a lot of research. We speak with people who will ultimately have to use the products and we let these people test our prototypes. This is our strategy to ensure that the products align well with the people who use the products.

Clevy Keyguard with Clevy Keyboard and Clevy Contrast Keyboard

Continuous developments

When a product is fully ready and is on the shelves of our partners, ready to end up on your table, the developments are not yet finished. Not by a long shot! Because we always continue to improve. We aim to constantly provide the right solutions for people with special needs.

At Clevy, we make products for people with motor disabilities, visual impairment, learning problems, dyslexia, computer skills problems, shaking hands, seniors, young kids in primary school and many more. Are you curious if there is a right solution for you? Contact an Clevy expert!

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