Introducing our newest brand partner: Cynthia Rosignolo with her brand “Just on the Spectrum”

Clevy is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Cynthia Rosignolo, the visionary behind the brand “Just on the Spectrum.” Cynthia, known for openly documenting her journey as the mother of Michael, who is on the autism spectrum, has been sharing her experiences on various social media platforms. Our collaboration began when Cynthia tested our Clevy Keyboard with Clevy Keyguard with her son and shared this experience on her platform. 


Witnessing the potential for a meaningful partnership, we recognized the shared mission and message between Just on the Spectrum and Clevy. In an exclusive interview, Cynthia opens up about her life, experiences, and the impact of using the Clevy Keyboard. Read below as Cynthia gets vulnerable and unveils the reasoning behind our collaborative goals and missions. 

1. Could you introduce yourself and the brand that you’ve developed?

“Hello! I'm Cynthia Rosignolo, navigating life's beautiful chaos as a wife, entrepreneur, and most importantly, Michael's mom. He's an incredible 4-year-old who inspired my brand, "Just on the Spectrum." Through it, we journey together, celebrating milestones and embracing challenges unique to families touched by autism. Our mission? To connect, share, and build an understanding community for parents like us, taking things one day at a time.”

2. Could you tell us more about your son and how his autism diagnosis has shaped your day-to-day life?

“Michael, my spirited and warm-hearted 4-year-old, is truly the heartbeat of our family. He dazzles us with his kindness, an insatiable curiosity, and an empathy that runs deep — qualities that make him uniquely Michael. His world, and consequently ours, shifted when he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at just 13 months old. This came after we'd observed a noticeable pullback in his behavior and communication skills, a heart-wrenching phase for any parent.

Though he's currently navigating life non-verbally (more accurately, nonspeaking), Michael's voice is far from silent. He's exploring different avenues of expression, each one a stepping stone in his journey to articulate his desires and thoughts. Sign language, picture exchanges, and assisted communication devices aren't just tools; they're bridges connecting Michael to the world, and the world to his rich inner life.

Receiving Michael's diagnosis was a moment frozen in time, a crossroads leading us to uncharted territory. But my husband and I chose the path of acceptance and resolve — we plunged into research, sought expertise, and fortified Michael's life with developmental support. The upswing in his progression has been nothing short of a miracle to witness. It's a testament to his resilience and the transformative power of early intervention and consistent engagement.

This journey has recalibrated our family's compass. Our days are structured around therapies and learning models tailored to Michael's needs, interspersed with bursts of sheer, unfiltered joy that comes from his triumphs, however small they may seem. Patience, presence, and empathy are currencies in our household, teaching us to revel in the nuances of the moment, to cheer at a new word mimicked, a puzzle solved, or a new food tasted.

In this world, milestones have a different echo. They're precious, hard-earned, and celebrated with a fervor that perhaps only families like ours can understand. We've learned to dance in the rain, finding a rhythm that suits the now, understanding that autism didn't come with a manual — it came with a child ready to be loved, understood, and nurtured.”

3. In your social media profile, you have enlisted many educational and assistive products to help you and your son. What has been your experience in general with assistive and educational products?

“Embarking on the journey through assistive and educational products has been eyeopening. We've found that while some tools, like certain iPad apps, have been invaluable in fostering Michael's communication and engagement, others haven't quite hit the mark. It's a process of trial and appreciation, understanding that not every product can perfectly sync with his unique wavelength.

What stands out in our experience is the individuality each child with ASD embodies. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, and realizing this has been liberating. It's shifted our focus to celebrating the tools that do make a difference and quickly learning from those that don't.

The key takeaway from our adventures in assistive technology is adaptability. These resources aren't just about education; they're about connection. They're pathways that let Michael share his world with us, enriching our family's journey with every small victory and learned lesson along the way.”

4. What made you initially interested in our brand or products?

“Your brand caught my attention with its standout reputation for intuitive, childfriendly products. What made me interested was how each feature is clearly designed with kids like Michael in mind, particularly the Bluetooth connectivity that integrates with his iPad, freeing him from the confines of traditional setups.

The practical design elements — from the spacious key layout and handy keyguard to the unique key-lock feature — directly address common challenges, making communication more accessible and less stressful for him. I also appreciated the visual aids like color coordination and the choice of lower and upper-case keys, supporting his focus and learning phase.

In essence, your brand offered not just a tool, but a thoughtful solution designed to empower children on their communication journey, demonstrating a genuine understanding and commitment to supporting their individual needs.”

5. Were there any particular needs or challenges you were hoping to address with the use of our products?

"One of our primary hopes in embracing your products was to find a gateway to stronger communication and deeper engagement for Michael. We've faced our share of hurdles in language and expression, and traditional writing just hasn't resonated with him. However, typing sparked a different kind of interest, perhaps because he sees us using it so frequently for our own communication.

Your specialized tools seemed to offer a bridge, addressing his challenges by making the act of typing more accessible and enjoyable. It wasn't just about helping him construct sentences but about providing a platform where he could comfortably explore and express his thoughts, feelings, and observations in a medium that fascinates him.

In essence, we were looking for more than a temporary solution. We sought a sustainable way to enhance his communication skills that would feel as natural and inviting to him as speaking feels to us. The intuitive design of your products promised not just advancement in his writing abilities but also a chance for him to connect with us in a mode he finds truly engaging.

6. You have created a beautiful video with your son using our Clevy Keyboard with the Clevy Keyguard, could you tell us more about that process and how your son experienced our products?

“Creating and sharing the video featuring your Clevy Keyboard was both enlightening and heartwarming. Using the Clevy Keyguard, Michael could navigate the keys with more confidence and far fewer mistakes, turning what could have been a source of frustration into an empowering experience. The joy on his face was undeniable as he realized he could effectively express himself with fewer barriers.

What truly moved me was seeing his engagement level skyrocket within just a few days of using the keyboard. Every correct keystroke, was a victory, small affirmations that collectively made a big impact. It wasn't just about the technology but the sense of independence and achievement it instilled in him.

This journey reinforced our belief in the potential of assistive devices like yours, not just as tools for learning but as catalysts for confidence and growth in children facing communication challenges. The video captured more than just a moment; it encapsulated the hope that products like yours bring to families like ours.”

7. What inspired you to consider a collaboration with our brand?

“The decision to pursue a collaboration with your brand stemmed from our shared dedication to transforming the lives of those with unique needs. Your innovative spirit in creating products that cater to these individuals resonates deeply with my own mission. I saw a partnership where we could mutually reinforce and broadcast a powerful message: there is hope, there are means, and no one is alone in this journey.

Your tools are more than just accessories; they're keys that unlock potential, allowing children to break through barriers in communication, cognitive development, and motor skills. I believe that by joining forces, we can extend this lifeline further, reaching countless families. Together, we can show them that these tools can be a turning point, the start of a new chapter where their children are seen, heard, and fully capable of connecting with the world around them.

This collaboration stands as a beacon of empowerment, a testament to what we can achieve when innovative solutions meet heartfelt advocacy.”

8. What do you feel like is still missing in the assistive technology field or something that could be improved?

“While the field of assistive technology has made significant strides, there's room for growth, particularly in developing solutions that are as dynamic and adaptable as the individuals they serve. One area ripe for enhancement is the integration between assistive devices and popular software or apps. For instance, while the Bluetooth feature of your keyboard wonderfully bridges the gap with devices like the iPad, we've found that the spectrum of compatible applications is somewhat narrow.

This limitation narrows the playground for children, especially when it comes to educational typing games or apps that are abundantly available on platforms like the Apple Store but remain inaccessible due to compatibility issues. It's like having a world of opportunity just out of reach, which can be quite disheartening for both the child eager to explore and the parent looking to support that exploration.

Expanding the realm of compatibility would not only enhance the functionality and appeal of assistive devices like yours but also empower users with a richer, more diverse palette of educational and engaging experiences. It's about ensuring that these advancements in technology are not just keeping pace with developmental needs, but also with the ever-evolving digital landscape that could offer immense learning and growth opportunities for children with special needs.”

9. What is your mission with your brand?

“At the heart of our brand is a mission to cultivate a nurturing, inclusive community that stands as a beacon of support, education, and empowerment for families navigating similar paths. We aim to be a platform where awareness transcends into understanding, where shared stories and experiences build bridges of compassion, and where the challenges of today become the transformative triumphs of tomorrow.

By providing valuable resources, insights, and real-world narratives, we seek to inspire a movement of acceptance and solidarity. We advocate for an environment where individuals on the spectrum and their families are not only recognized but also celebrated for their unique journeys.

Our goal is not just to touch lives but to imbue them with the courage and the tools they need to advocate for their loved ones, to embrace every hurdle with hope, and to forge a future where every success, no matter how small, is a step toward a world that acknowledges and cherishes the diverse tapestry of human experience.”

10. Anything else you’d like to share?

“I wholeheartedly believe that there's immense strength in unity and the shared narratives of our lives. These stories have the power to ignite change, challenge perspectives, and create a fabric of support that binds us together. Collaborations like the one with your brand transcend the typical boundaries of mere product endorsement. We're advocating together, leveraging each other's platforms to amplify a message of hope, inclusivity, and deep empathy.

By highlighting tools that can significantly impact daily living, we're sharing more than just a product; we're sharing a testament to human innovation and the promise of a society that fully embraces the spectrum of human diversity. Each story we share, each product we showcase, each barrier we break down contributes to building a world that understands and celebrates differences, a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive.

So, as we continue on this journey, I invite others to join us. Let's unite in this vision, share our triumphs and challenges, and together, craft a narrative of resilience and recognition, shaping a future where inclusivity isn't an aspiration, but a reality.”

In closing, we are thrilled to officially announce our exciting partnership with Cynthia Rosignolo. Stay tuned for more updates on this partnership and thank you for being part of this wonderful community!

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